Monday, 3 December 2007

Some of the Studio 5 members work

While I wait for my lunch (Pizza) to be delivered I thought that you may like to see some of the Studio 5 members work.

First is Soohee Kim and her binding for this years Designer Bookbinders Competition. The set book is supplied by the Folio Society, this year being ' The Somme an Eyewittness Account'

Soohee has bound the book in a reverse goat skin with applied panels of hand worked pewter and soft plate off-set prints.

Detail of the back board panel.

Detail of the spine area, with Blind Tooling.

Detail of the pewter and off-set printed panels to the front board.

Front and back endpapers and doublures.

This is Soohee's first Designed Binding ( I think she did okay ) and it is on exhibition untill the 12th of January 2008, along with a lot more wonderful bindings at the John Rylands University Library, 150 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3EH (UK)
The John Rylands Library is a fantastic place to visit for any book lover, wonderful architecture and atmosphere.

Must dash as my Pizza has arrived.


Dash said...

"I think she did okay"

What nonsense! The book is beautiful and she did exceptionally well.

the bookbinder said...

Yes I know but I do not want it to go to her head.