Friday, 27 June 2008

Sketch books

The front door of the AWG
Last night I attended my first meeting as a member, Guildsman, Brother what ever of The Art Workers Guild (AWG) The meeting was the chance for people to bring along their sketch books, chat about the contents and how this relates to their work. I have been to similar events with one of the other organisations I belong to, that ended in a few people bringing their egos and telling everyone how good they were (sad)

The wonderful thing about last night was in the diversity of the chats and the work on show. Stone masons, type setters, print artists, bow makers (for violin, Cello etc), lute maker, glass artist, writer to name but a few. Light hearted banter and intelligent questions from the audience were parried with aplomb, questions answered with care and attention. A charming and instructive evening. Free wine and ace sandwiches also made the evening a convivial one.

An early meeting of the Art Workers Guild.

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