Thursday, 17 July 2008

A book of Rats.

I must admit that this subject is not one of the most popular and may even raise the odd eyebrow.

It all starts with my Father. He lives in the country in a rambling Strawberry Hill Gothic house. A lovely place. Being in the country he has a shot gun, a Darn (French) 16 bore, a top piece of kit.

One of the reasons for the shot gun, along with providing food for the table is to keep vermin down. I realise that in the right areas rats have their place, often making good companions. I think it would be safe to say that anyone who lives in the country or has had to live with an infestation of rats may offer a different opinion.

After a couple of nights out my father managed to bag a number of the rodents. He skinned them, and tawed them (an ancient method of curing skins- similar to tanning)

All of this and a text about rats was then placed in my lap, with instructions to do something with them. I love a challenge.

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Sounds good! I'll call again.