Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Boxes and mental blocks.

Work on the Man Booker binding is going well (for those of you not following the progress reports.... tut, tut) However, that is not the only project on the go.

A little while ago I finished binding a commission, the next phase is to make the box. The box is important, not only does it protect the book it also identifies the book inside. As you may have noticed, a lot of bindings do not have the title on them, hence the title on the box being important.

It has been commented that I should have the title on the book as people like to know the contents. I refer to the box again and in any case with the sort of work I do, the collectors usually know exactly what is on their shelves.

My normal practise is to make a two tray drop back box ( Clam Shell ) However, it has been known for me to make box frames for wall display, boxes that are integrated with the book and other variations. I am bored with the two tray drop back box, there must be another way.

To be able to display and protect.............. the old gray cells are asleep.................... BOOKBINDERS BLOCK.

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