Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Back to normal.

The last month or so has been rather hectic and now that the Man Booker has finished, I can get back to a more normal life and work.

Though I have a number of exhibitions already lined up for next year I have to start work on the various projects now. One of the problems of doing work for exhibitions is the fact that I also have to earn a living. Exhibition work can and does sell but the selection of items to exhibit can be months in advance of the event, so there is a huge period of time when the work is out of the loop, as it were.
This is where commission work is so important, there are a growing number of collectors who realise that they can ask me and of course, other binders, to produce work specifically for their collections. These collectors are very important to the studio as it tis them who keep the wheels turning.
Another aspect to the studio is that I am lucky enough to be able to teach. I find teaching very worth while. It also helps to keep me fresh, working with other creative and for the main gifted people.

The challenge of finding solutions and sharing what I can with the students can be a very humbling experience.

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