Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

So work starts on a new book Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
We start with the text block, this has to be split into 3 separate volumes, this should be no problem. The problem is the original construction, it is one of those books that the publishers grandly say is a hard back, we, the customer pay more for what is essentially a paper back (perfect binding) with a couple of boards bound in paper. This particular book has some 786 pages held together with glue. A lot of pages one may say, the answer the original makers came up with was to apply lots of adhesive ...

First the adhesive has to be removed. I use a soldering iron with a trowel like foot to melt and scrape away the adhesive. messy and not my favourite job in the studio. Next I will make the end papers, common made with a decorative Japanese paper and while those are doing their stuff in the nipping press I will be securing the individual volumes.

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