Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mersey. The River That Changed The World. It all begins to take shape.

The main construction of the book has been completed, now it is a case of applying the various panels. I am still keeping with the idea of the human element. The brown leather is hide, the same stuff that is used to cover suit cases... in fact the leather is from an old suit case.

The spine is an old leather glove. I love the texture. I always think of a lost single glove as the idea of some one passing, perhaps to start a journey, perhaps finishing their journey or en-route.

The front board in some detail. The image is of young boy and, well I like to think of the other person as his Grandma. The image is from my personal collection of old glass negs.
I feel that the shapes lend a nautical feel, shapes of hulls and the like. The map is derived from one of about 1870, aged and hand tinted.

Detail of the back board. Again an image from my collection, workers......

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