Monday, 22 February 2010

The Four Gospels. Collage and paint.

A little rough and the collage images not right but like the way this is developing.
Perhaps a combination of the previous ideas and this.... only one way to find out.... Do it.

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Paul said...


This is fascinating stuff. I have very much enjoyed the insight into your creative process. This moves far beyond the normal materials, craftsmanship, etc approach.

In the past you've mentioned that your designs often start with the endpapers. Here, you seem to have passed that phase quickly, with most of your focus being on the inter-relationship of the four volumes. Why did you decide that instead of having each book stand on its own, or simply having the standard panarama view?

The double board approach raises a question about how book art is viewed. When each book is fully opened, and viewed from a distance, the board/spine artwork will appear as a single piece of construction. When more closely viewed, however, there have to be tradeoffs since you are not dealing with a smooth plane on each book when it is closed. How do you determine whether you are designing for (relatively) distant viewing, inter-relationship viewing, or close viewing?