Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Brush Up Your Shakespeare. Finished and in Transit 1

Brush Up Your Shakespeare is finished and in transit to the owner.

I had great fun working on this miniature binding, such a contrast to the previous commission (The 4 Gospels being over 2m in length!)

The box is a 2 tray drop back box with a weighted top tray. The top tray is weighted to ensure that the box will stay closed. I find that working on miniatures that because the materials can be light weight boxes and the like sometimes just want to keep gaping.

The binding is in full fair goat with hand dying, pouting lips... Kiss Me Kate. The text block is of the song 'Brush Up Your Shakespeare from the musical Kiss Me Kate, which was inspired by 'The Taming Of The Shrew' by one William Shakespeare.

The Doublers/Doublures are hand printed (Soft Plate Off-Set) with 23 1/2 ct gold leaf laid on top the worked. The front being 'All The World Is A Stage'

With the gangsters on the last page of the text block paying homage to a rather ironic looking Shakespeare, again soft plate off-set with gold leaf.

The One Pound coin to the left gives some indication as to the size of the finished book.

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