Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Man Booker Binding, Parrot and Olivier in America. Leather on the spine, back boards and canvas.

The spine has been covered in fair goat with a simple design of red stripes. I like the uneven nature of the coloring, it adds movement to what could have been a very static design.

The back board is to be covered in a painted canvas. One of the characters is a Female, French painter. To me it makes perfect sense to use painted canvas. I have used the back of the canvas as I prefer the texture and it is not so white.

On the final page, Parrot gives us the date 'May 10, 1837' The flag of the USA had 25 stars. I have exchanged one of the stars with a Fleur de lys. This represents Olivier, his desire to be part of America but always a French man, not quite fitting in.

Canvas on the back board. The effect is bold and brash, the new world.

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