Sunday, 20 March 2011

Work on the bench.

Some times I find it important to go back to the basics. A simple paper covered case binding. The structure is based on the Bradel with a minor twist, to look at the simple and to think why is this done this way? not just doing things the same old way but to take the next step.

This leads me on to BRAVE NEW WORLD.

The front board... The main body is made from old, discarded, cupboard doors, with applied found objects and materials.

The text block, well this is where I meet the brave new world . I will be using a Kindle, locked with just the one book ( Brave New World ) installed.

The binding will form a dyptich.

Though the Kindle will be part of the work, the viewer will be able to remove it from the binding... an interesting concept..... I hope.

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