Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Liverpool Doors....

Poet and good all round egg Roger McGough and I will be working in Liverpool later this year.... we will be making books out of doors.
The book /s library will form part of the permanent collection of the new Museum of Liverpool, the main opening is the 19th of this month with the installation of our work later in the year.

Why doors ? I hear you ask... well here is the background to the concept....
On one of the very rare evenings that Roger and I found ourselves in the Red Lion pub (Barnes) at the same time.... we started to talk about our various projects. Over our first beer the chat flowed this way and that.....
During the second Roger asked me how big could a book be made... I replied that in theory any size but practically about the size of a door... Roger had been asked to produce some work for the New Museum of Liverpool and wondered if a large book would work... the chat turned to ideas...by the third pint the ideas had turned into sketches on the reverse of the menus.
After many false starts and cul de sacs we came up with using doors .

Doors fantastic things.. They open and close,we are carried through them at birth and death... they keep us safe, the welcome us. Notes are pinned to them for the milk man, letters are posted through them, loo roll, coats, and towels are hung on them. Posters are blu tacked to them........... doors everywhere , quite often we do not notice them until they are not there.

With their different paint, knobs, letter boxes etc each has their own special history, but when a property is re-developed or pulled down where do we see the doors ? by and large used to line skips or torn up and left as rubbish.
This is why we are using doors.... They can form a diptych, triptych etc. Ori Hon, with a bit of work one can make a codex out of them.

We have started with the collection and our first doors are from the Everyman Bistro and Theatre.

Roger and doors.......

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