Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project

With the opening of The Roger McGough Liverpool Doors Project only a couple of weeks away I have been busy...

It all began with The New Museum of Liverpool asking Roger McGough if he would put his words in the Museum... on the walls, windows and the like.

However Roger asked me if it would be possible to make a book... yes I said.... then we had another beer... how big could a book be ? the answer was how big do you want it ?

With notes and sketches being drawn on the backs of menus and wine lists (we were in the pub at the time) and slow working staff, a concept slowly took shape.....
At sometime during the evening doors as a cover for a book cropped up in the conversation. This being one of those evenings 'work' when many things are talked about I was able to rationale the use of doors. In the main they are made of wood and if we go back in time the boards of books were of wood. Further back Monotychs, Diptychs, triptychs and polytychs were made of wood... so no problem there.

As the evening wove its way towards the bell we worked with a frenetic pace, 'could the pages be made of wood ? yes was the answer, could we use doors ? well yes as we could make huge concertina books using hinges..... yes we would use doors.

The next step was to put our thoughts into action......

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