Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Liverpool Doors Project, work begins.

With over 20 doors to work on the space and time required was always going to be an issue. The size alone made the task of moving them a reason to take up weight training and visits to the physio a regular thing.

We began by deciding what text, imagery and object would go on each 'page' easier said than done. When I say 'we' I mean that Roger would consult a book (One I had made) with all the poems etc that he had decided would be used, with our sketches, plans and thoughts added, while I would prop the page (door) up I was able to look at the surface and think of methods of being able to make our ideas work.

As we worked ideas came and went, some were explored to destruction whilst ideas we had from the very beginning of the project worked without any problems.

As with a lot of creative work it looked like very little was being done, but let me assure you tons was being done.

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