Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dubai College

Along with The Doors I was also asked to give a lecture about bookbinding and book arts and a couple of workshops.

I personally think that for the festival to include the bookbinders art a very positive step forward.

I wonder how many people, standing in line to have the latest novel by his or her favourite author think about what they clasp so tightly to their chest. How the book has become what it is ? Where it all began ? The complexity of manufacture or just how amazing it is that all the different elements that go in to a book have fallen into place over the last 2000 odd years ...... That was my lecture, with images of both ancient and modern, each relevant, each an important step and with many more to go.

One of the workshops was at Dubai College, as part of the festival outreach programme. I was with about 15 sixth formers in the art department. The workshop was meant to be for 2 hours, I think we did 4 hours. We had so much fun and I hope the students managed to learn something. They were great.

One of the students, Azmina, won a small quiz we had. " What is a little odd about my name ?"

Her prize was to bury one of my books... lucky person.

The following images are courtesy of Jane Bailey ( tutor Dubai College )

After one month and half an hours worth of rain.

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