Saturday, 5 October 2013

Man Booker, We Need New Names. Spine is finished.

After the work on the text block I began to work on the binding. I have chosen to use the Bradel format as it offers great variations and is very flexible in what one can do with it. The spine will be a Double Hollow construction with the boards being a laminate of two.

With the edging leather applied and dyed the double hollow is fashioned. Having read the book some 4 times I kept coming back to the description of a mask in a trashed house, "In the sitting room, we stand before the large mask on the wall and stare at the black face, the eyes gouged out. It is a long thin face.....the mouth is open like it is letting out a howl"

Leather paring for the front board.

Hand colouring the front board, first stage.


Steven Morgan said...

To Whom it May Concern:

I have written two 900-page theological textbooks. One is for high school students, the other is for adults. I have done my due diligence, and discovered that my books are quite unique and there is a pent-up demand for them. The fact is I have many people interested in purchasing them already, and am sure I will attract many more. I was considering selling it as a two- or three-volume set, as I would be unable to make it a single volume. I have seen very large hardcover single volume textbooks, but they sell for megabucks because they are expensive to produce. I want to sell the book for an affordable price so I want to keep costs down. I will have a professional website to sell them. I'm unsure whether such large textbooks can be made into an e-book. In addition, these textbooks are designed for use in classrooms, libraries, homes, etc. My problems are (1) how many volumes to make each one; and (2) how to bind them (e.g., spiral or perfect binding); and (3) if I should sell each book as a set, or sell a few chapters at a time. Perhaps you can guide me. If not, perhaps you can steer me to someone who can.

Thanks in advance,

Rev. Steven Morgan

Mark Cockram said...

Please contact me by e-mail.