Friday, 31 July 2015

An Advertiser's Alphabet.

 Now that the main body of the binding structure has been completed I can begin to create elements of the art work. The working base for this is a sheet of conservation board which I have sized with a PVA Yamato Nori mix.

 Next to layer small sheets of a mould made paper, overlapping as I work

 This helps to create a texture.

 And when painted the texture becomes visible. The ironic thing is that all of this may never be seen again. I need this for the next stages...

 Layering up adverts and the like, layer upon layer. Coats of paint and more layers.

 On and on until I decide to start to tear away the surface.

The aim is to create a wall covered in posters, adverts and the like. Only small elements will be used in the final binding.

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