Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The ABA Rare Book Fair London, Evolution of a book... in the studio. A re-think.

 It is bizarre, I sit in front of the computer for a portion of every day I am in the studio. I know the potential of the device and am in the shadow of many when it come to realising the potential of this new (new when compared to many other forms of doing things....) device that has changed so many lives and aspects of our everyday lives. It sits on the work desk, allowing me to access a new world that I realise I know so little about. Over time, as new ways of communicating, seeing and being seen have become available, the time worn phrase " the world gets smaller and smaller" is often heard or read.
I am not sure that the world becomes smaller, I believe that I have become smaller as I now realise how small a thing a single life is when compared to the whole of life before during and after.. Any way less of my ramblings. Back to Evolution.

It has taken me sometime but I have, at last, sort of finished the text block for my workshops for the ABA Battersea Evolution, London SW8 4NW .
A combination of a construction technique used by the Pamphleteers, old school cut and paste as used in early Fanzines and the trusty Mac and printer. It has been something of an evolution - from one revolution to another. The finished Booklet/Pamphlet with have an end paper and a semi limp cover.

 I have often said that I combine, perhaps now I am beginning to evolve as well. By drawing into the huge potential of the immediate of the machine I sit in front of, I will be able push my work forward.

 The finished text block combines different skills  from different ages. A combination of the traditional with the now. Perfect.

A B A Book Fair.....

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