Friday, 25 October 2019

My final post for the 2019 Booker Award.... I think...

My final post for the 2019 Booker Award.... I think...

Rusdie's Quichotte is inspired by the classic Quichotte by Cervantes. My binding for Rushdie's re-interpretation is inspired by the often surreal like images that he created in my minds eye.

We enter via a second tier writer of pulp thrillers, Sam DuChamp, who, whilst mid way through a midlife crisis, creates Quichotte, a mild mannered though slightly deranged and deluded traveling salesman of prescription drugs crisscrossing the hinter land of a contemporary USA. Our Quichotte falls in love with a day time TV star, fact and fiction become indiscernible from each other. Thus starts a road journey during which he encounters a series of situations and events that echo the changing plight of a USA as it topples into a vortex of despair and ultimate self imploding, space warping destruction. Along with green, suit wearing Mastodons and imagined characters and sidekicks our journey ends at the beginning.

This and more was my inspiration for the binding. By using contemporary material for the binding, to use the discarded, in particular Affiches lacérées, torn posters. A fall from grace, Selma R (one of the characters and the the love of Quicotte) originally from India, now based in New York (not the original in North Lincolnshire) once the poster girl for day time chat across a USA, reduced to torn and creased rubbish. A collaged jigsaw puzzle and mixed media, hand tooling to the front board.

The text block was specially printed with the sheets folded into sections, hand sewn. End papers are Flottage coloured with further hand printing. The construction is based on a Bradel Binding variant. Double boards, sewn-exposed-endbands, full-laminated linen board attachment with goat skin edges at the head and tail of the cover.

24.2cm x 16.5cm x 3.8cm. Housed in a two tray drop back box.

All six bindings that were made for the shortlisted Booker Prize authors are now on display in the foyer at Bonhams in Knightsbridge (Montpelier St, Knightsbridge, London SW7 1HH) through until Friday 1st November (9.00 – 17.30 weekdays; 11.00–15.00 Sundays. Closed Saturdays).
If you want a chance to see these wonderful bindings in person before they get whisked away by their authors go and take a look!
Also on display, will be some bindings by Philip Smith (1928-2018), including an enormous "book wall" tower of Dante's Inferno, and a number of bindings for Booker Prize shortlisted novels from previous years.
 The binding.

 Front and back Doublers.

 Front end paper.

 Back end paper.

 End band, text block edge and board edges.

 Laminated and collaged jigsaw detail.

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