Saturday, 23 November 2019

Biblionaughtic Customer Service... John Purcell Paper, of Brixton, London. UK

My Biblionaughtic Chums, it is not often I do this... However, when it is due it is due. Yesterday, at about 3 - 3.30pm I was on the telephone talking with a very knowledgeable person about my paper requirements. After a very informative and pleasant conversation I ordered some paper along with a few small sample pieces of papers. As I am lucky enough (Ha lucky... very high rents for space, expensive travel.. etc etc. I know there are pluses but it is no bed of roses. Everywhere has it pros and cons)
Back to the track Mark..... As I am lucky enough to have a studio in London the delivery is free.. I asked when my materials may be delivered.. the reply was early next week..was it ok? ... Yes of course it is ok.. It is free and I had ordered the minimum amount possible.

Just before 3pm today, a knock at the door, polite knock, not just push the door. I open the door.. and lo and behold the man from John Purcell Paper of Brixton. In his hands my materials and many more than a few samples. Fantastic service. Thank you J P P.
I know there are many specialist companies that offer good service, this is just one example. It is important for us, the users, to take time to acknowledge when stuff goes right.
Thank you to all our suppliers who make it possible for us that make and do to be able to make and do.
Please note there are other ways of doing things and opinions..... spelling and grammar. Please further note, the opinion of the author may change at any moment. This is due to having an open mind... of sorts.

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