Wednesday, 28 November 2007

After the chop

Okay, so with all body parts in place we began to round and back the text blocks. In Studio 5 we have a number of specialist presses that we use to get the perfect shape. The text block was rounded in the hand and once again the blocks of wood came to the rescue. The text block was placed in between the blocks and pressure applied. The sewn sections were manipulated with a bone folder so that the sections gradually bend away from the middle, until the first and last sections are bent over at a sharp angle.

We then applied a spine lining of linen and had tea. Tea time was fun as it allowed us to catch up on the previous stages of work, questions and answers, more tea, more questions and answers. Once tea was finished, the text block was secondary sewn. Further spine linings of paper were applied and allowed to dry.
Thus ended our first day of working together, I had enjoyed the experience and had the fortune to to be with some cracking students. What they thought of me I have no idea.

It must be pointed out that whilst we were making books the rest of the unit was hard at work making greeting cards. The cards are made from recycled materials including straw and X-ray plates. X-ray plates I hear you say, yes X-ray plates. They have a lot of X-ray plates because they have a hospital in Anandwan. All mod cons. But not only cards they make decorative panels and stuff.

Pretty cool stuff.

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