Saturday, 24 November 2007

Getting started

The first meeting.

On the extreme right is Mme Nikita and to her left Mr Amru. Mr Amru is the head of the Greeting card and silk screen printing unit. A very busy man. We set out the plans for the work shop, the things that we would be needing (paper, adhesives, thread and the like) work space and possible equipment.

Next came the Cobbler.

Another unit, this time making shoes for the residents. One of the issues with leprosy is a loss of sensation in the digits ( feet,hands etc) To get over this problem the unit makes shoes without using nails that could puncture the wearers feet and can lead to infection.
I was on the scrounge for leather (we were to make 1/4 leather bound books) Mme Nikita and I were shown the leather store.

I had decided that we were to use only the materials that were on site, it would have been a waste of time for me to have taken materials from the UK. The leather was for the most part, offcuts that had been given to the unit from local businesses. After some rooting around we ended up with a carrier bag full of leather that had potential.
I must say that the cobbler was not sure as to why I wanted the leather. After many explanations we left him to his shoes with the promise that we would return with a finished article.
The rest of the day was our own, David and I making our way back to our rooms to make ready for the evening meal and plan the next day.

Our rooms wre situated in an enclosed courtyard a few minutes walk from the workshop, flowers everywhere, birds flitting from one bush to the next. Having just arrived from a bleak, mist shrouded UK, 85 f in the shade came as a welcome change. The orange dresses have nothing to do with me, orange not being my colour.

FOOD is very important to me having mastered the spoon at an early age along with the knife and fork.
Chop sticks (ohashi) being conquered some 16 or 17 years ago, I felt confident with my abilities at the table. Now, things are different in different parts of the world.

This eating technique I found easy, only two things to remember. The right hand is for eating, the left hand is for, well not eating......if you get my drift. The most obvious benefit is less washing up.
All the food is grown on site, it looked good, tasted good.


A fantastic group of people, enthusiastic and welcoming.

The first step was to fold the sections and sew them together.

Everyone helping each other or possibly getting in the way.....

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