Tuesday, 29 April 2008

In reflection one can not be all to everyone.

The last student has gone home, her work well on the way. Now for my selfish time, when the benches are cleared and I can work. Commissions need to be finished, exhibition work to be completed and plans made.

What is important, what makes me do what I do. Perhaps it can be summed up in a few images.

Teaching in Studio 5

Exploring new techniques and methods.

Teaching abroad with no translators, art and craft being the common language.

And the realisation of form, function and aesthetic. The Book .


Dash said...

Is the top image from a couple of months ago or do you owe Thea some money?

Dash x

The bookbinder said...

Correct the image is from a few months ago and Thea still has not paid up !

Thea O'Brien said...

Help. I don't understand/remember. Why does he owe me money? Why do I owe him money?

the bookbinder said...

Let me try and jog your memory..... A certain person who was but is not now.

Thea O'Brien said...

Oh I get it. But I did pay up.

the bookbinder said...

was I with a drink at the time ?

Dash said...

Surely you don't drink, Mr Bookbinder, sir?!

The bookbinder said...

Dearest Dash, I only drink in moderation.....one glass at a time. It is something to do with only having one mouth.

Do you have any tips on drinking that you would care to share with the class ?