Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Rape of Masters. A book/box or single page book

Sometimes I revert to the traditional approach to the use of gold leaf in my work.

Gold finishing to the spine of 'The Rape of Masters' very traditional with five raised cords, single line with a red label. The work is held in a finishing press, my hand tool is home made.

The out side of the book/box has been knocked to give it a subtle patina of age, to knock the edges off. Various unctions are applied, the surface is rubbed with rags and steel wool. The finished result looks old without looking forced.

So to the content of the book/box. A series of objects with white washed images by Diego Velazquez, in particular 'Venus with Mirror'

Dice, syringe, clock parts, gold leaf, cobwebs and flies. All found in the studio, please do not ask about the syringe and the flies etc died of natural causes.

The text is on the doubler of the of the back board, typed with a red ribbon.

The Rape of Masters is a book/box but it could equally called a single page book. I will let you decide.

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