Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Studio 5 telephone answering machine.

The studio 5 telephone answering machine is somewhat dated and is powered largely by cups of tea. The usual morning scenario of the red light flashing, indicating a message has been left met me this morning. By now I have learnt that though someone has called they usually do not leave a message. The machine just issues a series of demented crackles, whistles and burps.

To put this into context we have to take a couple of steps back in time. A good friend of mine who is a top glass engraver has a studio a few doors away from studio 5. She suggested that I apply to become a member of the Art Workers Guild. I had to be nominated and then seconded, then a selection of my work examined by the selection committee. I was not allowed to be present at the meeting, all making the last few days difficult for me.

Getting back to the plot, this morning has been different a message was left on the answering machine. I was informed that my application was successful. A good start to the day.


Thea O'Brien said...

Many congratulations. Well deserved membership of that hallowed institution.

Dash said...

Good work, sir! I think you should celebrate with a half of shandy and then buy a new phone.