Thursday, 29 May 2008

A Series

For some time I have had a number of books with a good friend and book dealer J Heller (please see links) He is a very cool guy and represents a number of bookbinders and book artists.

Whilst selling some of my work he has returned some, the strength of the pound to the dollar does not help. The up side of this is the chance to be able to see my work and to allow you to see the variety of work I engage in.


Detail of the box and label.

Detail of the inside of the box. The text is from an existing technical book.

Detail of the book in the box.

A Series is a series of articulated panels.

Detail of the first panel, photograph (from one of my glass negatives) mixed media and old-pressed plants from a bible dated 1799.

Another panel.


The back panel.

A Series is derived from parts of other books. If there has to be a pigeon hole for it , then I would like to think of it as a sculptured assemblage.

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