Thursday, 8 May 2008

COVERED Beauty and Art in Contemporary Bookbinding 15 - 24 May 2008.

It has got round to the time of year when designer Bookbinders has an selling exhibition in London in the FLOW GALLERY (please see links to either Designer Bookbinders or the Flow Gallery)

It is usually a good show. If the private Preview View is the same as the previous years, then it will be a bit fraught. Collectors going for the usual names, the usual names hovering over their work telling everyone how good it is (They usually are right about their work being good) The small groups forming, the side long glances at work that perhaps challenges, does not have any gold on it, or sin apun sin, does not have the title of the book on the spine. I suppose it is a pretty normal P V.

The work I shall be putting forward for this years show and that are available to purchase are.......

Beyond Giving.

Sir Patrick Spens

The Rape of Masters

If you are interested in any of the above, go to the exhibition or contact me.

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