Saturday, 23 August 2008

The Joy of Shed.

It has been noted by some members of Studio 5 that I should get out more. It would appear that I spend too much time in the studio, surrounded by books, paper, leather, print stuff and the like.

On the very rare occasion that I do venture into the unknown, I am usually to be found in my local pub THE RED LION. It has the usual sprinkling of celebs (this is London after all) and a stream of musical people from the recording studio over the road. The Red Lion or RION as we call it has the benefit of only being some four minutes from the studio and only two roads to cross, plus there is a bus stop outside that has a top service, the bus journey home takes some four minutes with an additional six minutes walking to my front door. All of this makes it ideal.

A new addition to the services that the Rion provides is one that will appeal to many.

Yes, the Rion has opened the Beer and Barbie Shed in one of the beer gardens. I am most happy.

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