Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday at home.

The first day off. No work and no meetings to attend, bliss. The last few days have been busy with teaching a wonderful group of students.

Language is a funny thing, most of the class could sort of understand me and I could sort of understand them.

Simple things such as threading and locking a needle can be a theatre piece in the round. As with many art and design courses, the students have only limited access to the world of book arts and bookbinding. However, in very few days we were able to make three books. Each book exploring different construction details, fusion binding, print and page layout.

All of this was done with only rudimentary studio tools and a few bone folders and brushes from Studio 5. Great fun, hard work and I hope to be able to show you some of the work at a later date. A lot of the images and text was worked by hand with only a few of the students electing to use the computer.

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Anonymous said...

Wandered in here via Google while looking for teflon bone folder sources. Huh? How'd that get me in this blog? Interesting stuff here anyway. I'll be back.
Austin, TX