Tuesday, 5 May 2009

MARMITE and the Pestival

I do not think that this image needs any explanation.

So, what is it all about ? I hear you say. Well, later in the year I will be participating in a huge celebration/exhibition of the insect world at the Royal Festival Hall on London's south bank. The exhibition is called 'Pestival'. Part of my work is with the Dermesitdae, more commonly referred to as Skin Beetles, or Hide Beetles ( Dermestes maculatus)

As a bookbinder I often age or tint papers for resteration using a variety of food stuffs, such as Marmite. The problem is that the Dermestidae love Marmite and the like, which is not good for the book but very useful for this particular art work. The paper on the left was left in a tray of dilute Marmite for some ten minutes, the paper on the right is the control.

The intention is to make a book using marmite to tint the paper and to print with. The book will then be placed in an controled environment with the previously mentioned bugs. The book or what is left of it will be removed and displayed along side the film of the making and eating of it.
I spend my life making books, for the next few months I shal be making books to be destroyed, interesting concept.

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