Saturday, 23 May 2009

the Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde. The back board panels take shape.

The structure for this binding is based on a disappearing spine, Bradel binding. The spine has been covered in reverse goat skin. The spots are a natural result of the dyeing process. I think they look like bubbles in a strange potion. The first two panels have been applied to the back board.
The first is from an antique ladies evening glove with a seam running down the middle (ish). The second is a panel resembling a Victorian news paper cutting, a stop press of a murder.

Working on the lower panel. An image from the London Illustrated News of the 1880s, has been transferred to a panel, again covered in a ladies evening glove. The seam forms a break in the panel. The area to the left of the seam is worked over with a technical pen.

The resulting image when applied to the binding. With only part of the face worked the other half almost disappears, almost a transition between the two personalities.

Detail of the lower panel.

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