Friday, 20 May 2011

The Tempest, cold gold and first phase tooling.

After the dye has been allowed to dry out over night the gold leaf has been applied. It took 2 books of gold leaf !

Then the first phase of the tooling. I estimate that there may be up-to five different tooling phases..... I may just go mad.

Also... the book has been titled......... not a common thing with me.


Stephanie Gibbs said...

Could you describe "cold gold" a little bit more? How does it relate to tooling, or the application of the leaf?

Mark Cockram said...


Cold Gold. the application of gold leaf using adhesives such as paste, glaire, pva etc. The gold leaf is put down as the adhesive is is just on the point of drying out. Once everything is dry the gold can be tooled or worked as desired.