Monday, 12 January 2015

The new 4 Gospels, leather paring by hand.

Having finished the sanding of the boards and spine leather work begins. The leather, goat skin in this case, is first cut to size leaving a turn-in on all edges. This is the first time I get to feel the leather, how it handles, the quality etc. I begin with edge paring, taking off a slice of the leather from the back side at an angle.

I feel how the knife moves, the stiffer parts of the skin, I take note of all of this because it will effect how the leather handles when I come to pare the turn -ins down... the next job.

The turn-ins are reduced in thickness on the trusty Scharf-Fix, in this case to 0.5mm ( I use a micrometer )

Next the step is taken out. The step is the edge of where the body leather meets the turn-in leather.

The final part of this particular series of steps in my way of edge paring (there are many other ways) is to create a smooth transition from the body leather to the turn-in. To remove any trace of the step thus making the next processes easier.

The secret is a sharp knife... when you stop... strop and a steady hand. Oh yes, lots of practice, confidence and concentration.

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