Monday, 10 April 2017

Iskandar Jalil. Kembara Tanah Liat ( Clay Travels ) The end papers .... Never throw anything away.

Never throw anything away... All last night I had this thought, something was nagging me about the end papers. In my back eye I kept seeing the end papers but when I looked at what was on the painting surface.  This morning I sat down and looked at the previous days work.

There is nothing wrong with the work but there it was not balanced.  I then looked at what the painting surface had been resting on.

The paper had been one of the papers I had coloured using oil based printing inks. The re-worked with white spirit and left to dry. The results was not what I was looking for... So I used it as a cover to save the work surface from getting paint drips and stuff on it.

I had kept seeing it...... Obvious.

From top left clockwise.... front end paper, back end paper and finally detail.

Exactly what I am looking for.

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