Thursday, 27 April 2017

Iskandar Jalil. Pots talk among themselves in silent conversations. Soil from Singapore.

 The three images above give some idea as to the 3 sort of grades or sizes of soil particles I am working with.

Some of the fine particles mixed with an acrylic medium. I am pleased with the wonderful reddish richness of the mix.... however we have to wait and see how it dries..... Please find following an a little bit of the back ground of the soil/mud/clay.....
This soil/mud/clay is from a hill in Sigapore. The name of the hill is Bukit Merah, literally translated as Hill Red (or Redhill)
This area is known for the reddish soil, and legends says that it was the blood of a young boy that stained the soil.
Because the king (or sultan) back then, was very jealous of this young boy. The boy helped to solve the problem of sword fishes attacking the fishermen along the shores. So he suggested to have the trunk of the banana trees put up along the shore, so that the sword fishes will get stuck and then die.
So the Sultan was terribly upset of the boy's success, ordered his men to bring the boy up to the hill and beheaded him. The boy's blood flowed down the hill and thus, making the soil red. Therefore, Bukit (Hill) Merah (red) Once again, thank you Adelene.

Singapore Folklore
 When dry the paint/earth mixture deepens in both texture and colour.  I am so pleased with progress.

First steps in mixing some of the coarser grades with the air dried modeling clay.

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