Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Iskandar Jalil. Pots talk among themselves in silent conversations. Under the skin.

 Though not the binding for Pots Talk, it is an aspect of the work on the bench in the studio.  I really enjoy being able to create my own books, to make the complete work. More about this in later posts.

 I realise that much of the book binders work is never seen as it is hidden, in many cases, under the skin as it were. The Boards have been attached along with the spine piece. A good few hours of sanding have passed to achieve a smooth and seamless finish. Recessed areas to the front and back of the boards have been created by the removal of the sanded surface. I realise this may sound odd.... why waste all that time and energy on to remove most of the sanded area..... Well, for me it is not about what was removed, it is more to do with what remains. By ensuring that the surface was pefect before removal, I can be sure that what is left is as perfect as I can make.

The Swirls of leather (above) will be placed in to the recessed areas of the boards as part of the overall look and feel of the work. I am wanting the textures to play as important part in the is work as the colour and materials.

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