Monday, 15 May 2017

Iskandar Jalil. Pots talk among themselves in silent conversations. Leather paring and respect.

A mixed day in the studio. First there was a gawper (gauper) who shouted through the window "What do you do?"... Their face being less than a foot away from a large sign.... Then followed a reflective 30 minutes. I have worked on the title for the new book and cased the text block in. In the afternoon .. leather paring. It is often said that one of the skills that has to be mastered in book binding is working with leather. I would tend to agree, though I am aware of those friends I have who for them leather is a no go area... I digress. I like leather work, for me it is a blend of understanding and respecting the material, use of the tools and how they are used.. That is was a living animal, that the animal was not just reared for its skin, but for it's milk, hair, meat etc... For example, the tanning of leather is an ancient skill. One also has to respect the tanners for with out them I would have to prepare my own skins for use in my work. And before anyone asks... yes, I have prepared my own skins ..... The knives I use have also been made by artisans. It is a reminder that without the skills of others I would not be able to do what I do. So, this afternoon has been taken up with leather paring. I have wanted to create an under texture from the leather paring.. How and why in a later post perhaps.....

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