Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Shanghai, Part 2. POP UP

When not teaching, I was what I can only describe as eventing. A lecture, pop up exhibition and a 'hands on' workshop in the fab Sinan Bookstore in the French concession area of Shanghai.

A wonderful crowd. First there was the pop up. I had managed to borrow a number of books I had made or bound from the DeWilde collection. Ten books in total... a unique chance to see 10 books.. 
close up and with the binder.

 Then an illustrated lecture on wider topics including my inspiration, ways of working and variations within the genre of the book. Finally a hands on workshop in foil tooling. All in about 3 hours of non stop stuff. Many thanks to all involved.

After the events, a break in a wonderful little place, a beer or two.... with new friends. All in all a great day.

 A wonder around the French Concession, bits around the corner and on the walls..

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