Saturday, 21 September 2019

Freedom. seriously simple in koncept.

seriously simple in koncept.
There are times when I find myself waiting for things to dry. Paint, adhesive, jokes.. you know the sort of thing. It is during those moments of not much happening that my thoughts go back to the past. To the endless days and nights of youth. Before the internet, mobiles and much less facial hair.
In an age when the very way we communicate with each other is monitored and, in the UK at least, we find ourselves filmed or on camera countless times a day, privacy becomes a commodity not a right. There are many voices and opinions about this, I, myself have no wish to add to the chattering masses. We also find ourselves being censored and banned from social media sites by un-named people with no way of recourse. Such is life. Please understand, the various vehicles of communication and ease in other aspects of our lives is wonderful, but it comes with a loss of privacy and a certain cost of the individual.
We know the problems with leaks from net providers and the selling of information... remember the internet is not free.... we give up so much when we enter this world... As I said, during the quiet moments my mind drifts to that bygone age of youth with a distinct lack of allergies and the other trappings of a 1st or developed world life style (please note, other life styles and worlds are available. In some ways I would prefer to be part of a developing world than a developed world, at least I would be going somewhere. Please further note that I am fully aware that there are other opinions and of course we are all now allowed allergies. However, I cannot, for some reason, imagine my Grandfather saying " Oh I cannot sit in there, I have an allergy to canvas" as he strapped himself into the cockpit of his Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2 with classic "Farman" layout, as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps... An other age, and other time and all of that for a freedom that many young people have no concept of the cost in the millions of peoples futures deferred , permanently)
I digress.
I am an advocate of newsletters and the like being on line and that they can be printed off should one desire to have a hard copy. There is scope for links and other lovely things that can and often make for interactive and exciting journeys. However... there is the nagging thought, that there is nothing private..... and could be open to corruption. Idle thoughts I know.
Perhaps the fanzine or zine could be an answer... as I said, seriously simple in koncept. I will ponder further.

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