Thursday, 21 February 2008

Both Finished

Kyffin number 1

A full calf binding with multiple leather inlays. The calf has been hand dyed with lines cut out and filled in with hundreds of small pieces of leather. The shapes echo the forms that Kyffin used in his work,the leather inlays represent the paint, thick and full of texture (impasto) landscapes, sleeping forms etc can be found in the binding.

Front leather jointed end paper and doubler. Hand printed using an soft plate off-set technique.

A rather sad view of Kyffin number one in its box.

Kyffin number 2

Full leather and vellum double hollow binding. All the leather has been hand dyed and the vellum printed with the soft plate off-set technique.

Detail of the gold tooling (real gold leaf) and the soft plate off-set printing.

Detail of the leather jointed end paper and doublure.
The end papers are hand printed, soft plate off-set again. The doublure has been worked to show the working structure of the binding, the gold tooling has been carried over from the outside of the binding to the inside.

part of kyffin number 2 and the box.

Finally both finished bindings....


Anonymous said...

Dyma 'n arddun llyfrau. Dybia Kyffin would wedi caru 'u.

Anonymous said...

Fel caech gwella chychwyn yn dysgu Cymraeg 'na ai 'ch angen at argraffa pawb.

the bookbinder said...

I have to say that I am not sure what the comments are as I cannot read or speak Welsh. I would welcome a translation.