Monday, 18 February 2008


So, I have a friend who is a thesp (actor) and I am led to believe good. Anyway, for the next production she is going to be a Pope who gives birth..... some of the characters in the production are based on what are believed to have been real people, including a pope who may have been a woman, may have been of African origin and gave birth, there I have said it again.
The ironic point is that she is Catholic, black and a mum. I love her. The posters are up in our very straight laced town, stating that there are scenes, language and images that may offend, this is one production I may see.

My small part in all of this is to make a Pope style book.
All chintz, bells, campness and whistles.

It gives me great pleasure is presenting the PURPLE POPE BOOK OF ICONS.

Non of this would have been possible without the support of others and I would like to thank Bill Dallas of Ratchfords who supplied the board and the purple crushed velvet bookcloth, it did come in useful. Sewing thread and adhesives by J. Hewitt and Son. Paper supplied by John Purcell Paper and the Studio 5 members for turning a blind eye.

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