Sunday, 3 February 2008

Kyffin, work in progress.

Blind tooling to the front cover. Just one of the techniques used on this particular binding. As the binding nears completion so does the pressure as I remember that I will have another Kyffin binding to finish. Both will be auctioned (more details later) both must be photograph ready for the 24th of this month (Feb)

Still someway to go but i feel the end is in site. A full Calf (hand dyed) binding with multiple inlays. Perhaps it is difficult to see in this image but there are sleeping dragons, landscapes, artists pallet and much more hidden within the decorative areas. Fun so far.

However, the studio still functions with the day to day.

Trap Door Tapes. A method of board attachment using tapes that are hidden within the board, creating a smooth surface on the inside of the board ...........

........and on the outside.

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