Saturday, 1 March 2008

Leather dyeing for Beyond Giving

As the construction of the text block nears completion I turn my attention to the leather that will form the base of the finished binding.
Once again I use a natural skin to take the leather dye. Using broad sweeps with a cotton wool swab the dye is applied. This takes time as each coat must dry as too much dye can cause the colour to Bronze. I am not at home to Mr Bronze.

I prefer to work with the leather as if it is a canvas. Depth of colour can be built up or left, this gives me greater control of the making process. Many bookbinders are happy to use stock leathers from the suppliers, a shame as it limits the palette.

Detail of the leather.

Covered. Looking at the leather on the book one is able to understand the form, depth of colour and shapes that have been created during the hand dyeing process.

Detail of the spine area (ultra flat)

Front end paper and leather joint.


Dash said...

"I am not at home to Mr Bronze."

You really do make me laugh sometimes! :-)

The bookbinder said...

Dearest Dash,
You may like to know that I am also not at home to Mr Cock-up, Mr Oh Bugger and Mr That Was Not Meant To Happen amongst many.
I understand that I may not be alone in thinking this way.

Dash said...

Indeed but I think you are probably at home to Mr 'It's Supposed To Be Like That - It's A Design Feature'.

I know I definitely am.