Monday, 31 March 2008

Print project.

What a frustrating day.

I have the topic, marginalia from an old French religious tome. Some ten pages are adorned with various hands, on a number of different topics. Corners are folded over, crumbs cascade from the pages as I open them. Simply wonderful stuff, the secret life of a book.

So to the print technique, as with a lot of what I do it has to be simple. But today nothing is going right. I can not blame the materials, the subject matter, the ink or the press. It is all down to me, I have to concentrate, take five and restart. Have been in the studio since six this morning and managed to produce a pile of waste. Some days are like this, nothing seems to go right. A cup of tea and a fag should restore me. Back to the bench and start again.


Thea O'Brien said...

Wow. Since six! Does sound very frustrating. Hope things go better.

Dash said...

Six o'clock!!?! Your problem might be a lack of sleep, young man.