Monday, 3 March 2008

Morris Cox

I realise that my earlier blog was without a conclusion. It is easy to rant about what is bad, after all politicians do it for a living.

Perhaps I should explain why I think the way I do. I come from an arts background, my family and my initial training being in art and design. I have earned money working in the arts. I enjoy the creative process and if I am honest the chance for other people to share my work.

Okay, less about me. More, who I believe are top book artists. I would like to deal with these one at a time, to re-visit.

I would like to begin with MORRIS COX (1903-1998) At this point I would suggest that you Google

I suppose that we all have our likes and dislikes when looking at stuff. Take time to find out about him. You may not like his work, you may not agree with his methods but I deny any one to argue against his heart.

There are aspects to his work and him that I just admire. No one would publish his work, so he did. His prints are alive, there is none of the bullshit that some book artists have. Cox did it because he wanted to communicate. He moved forward not just with his work but within himself. It is hard for me to put my finger on the point where I say " That's it" , more I am comfortable with his work. Life is not all happy, happy, wistful memories and puppies. Cox moves with ease between birth and death.

He lives on with his words and images.
Can one say that of some book arts ?

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