Saturday, 29 November 2008

Gardens and India

Having returned to the UK all was well. Memories of the garden near the coffee shop shop were still vibrant and will form the basis of a book.

Water and ducks, moments of peace.

Having started work almost immediately upon landing there has not been much time to get over the jet lag, but with students and studio members with projects that have to be completed by the 30th of November there was little choice.
The next teaching trip was meant to have begun this Thursday, however events have overtaken us all. My next assignment was in Anandwan, India. Nothing wrong with that... but the flight was to land in Mumbai ( Bombay ) with a couple of days spent researching leather suppliers and the like, then another flight to the center of India to catch a four wheel drive to complete the final stage of the journey to Anandwan.
It is obvious that in light of recent events this may not happen. We will have to wait and see how the situation develops ....

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