Monday, 3 November 2008

Time to relax for while at least.

The work shops are going well. The students are as keen as mustard, intelligent questions, all take notes and all listen. The schedule is PUNISHING. Full concentration for the whole day, remembering that though some of the students have a very good understanding of the English language, the language of book binding is not in common use. Also that many of the terms and language used is either foreign, antiquated or just plain barmy. Every thing I say has to be translated thus adding time to the overall time. To be centre stage for six to seven hours a day is not as much fun as some would imagine.

But and it is a big BUT, I enjoy the work, enjoy being able to share with others what I little I know and in turn always to have the chance to learn from others.

Time to unwind, without having to mind my P's and Q's is important. Moments of solitude, of inner relaxation give me the chance to clear the mind. To refresh and replenish. I suppose it is what everyone needs from time to time.

The eye never rests, I am beginning to work on ideas for my next book. I really must get out more.

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