Thursday, 6 November 2008

The joy of being a tourist.

A chance to do nothing in particular, take photos of places and things that catch the eye. Happy memories for the long, dark nights in the U K. An alley way to the artisans quarter perhaps ?

With the colours and unfamiliar architecture, the Med or some sleepy village in the south of France.

Wrong, this series of buildings are just a facade on the end of one of a series of very long shopping arcades in the port city of Kobe in Japan.

Shopping arcades around the world are funny places. Local shops competing with the chain stores, people just being there, meeting places for the young and old and a boon for the person with not much to do for a day or two (like me)

Much to my surprise I quite like doing nothing once in a while.


Thea O'Brien said...

Extraordinary. Really does like Europe. It is good that you are able to relax and enjoy some downtime.

the bookbinder said...

Thea, good to hear from you. The architecture can be odd at times. Looking forward to some up time in the studio when I get back to the Uk though.