Saturday, 16 October 2010

The New Press.

My new single screw laying press. Based on my old one but improved. The woods used are reclaimed so a low carbon footprint there. The backing boards locate on the cheeks with aluminium studs (my originals being located with old bits of dowel)
A thing of joy and beauty.

I always edge the backing boards with masking tape as this helps to keep things clean and I can see when a student has hit the backing boards and not the book!

I have a favourite plough, Jim (the guy who made the press) ensured that the plough and press work together....

I LOVE this press.... The press was made by Jim at Olive and Oak.


jacek said...

Excellent press, congratulations, Regards, Jacek

Sarah said...

Very nice indeed! I am jelous as my current rounding and backing attemots have all taken place on their side in a nipping press... hit it too hard and out it pops! I'm going to show Jim's website to my boss first thing on Monday (I work in an art college, not enough budget for one I'm sure, but I can make him drool at least...)

Monica Holtsclaw said...

This is a beauty! I've never used backing boards that locate on the cheeks like that - what a great system!

Sonya said...

such a beautiful tool.. have contacted Jim at Olive and Oak about his press so that I might get some help to build one (too far over here in Australia to buy one of his). I'm hoping to buy some of his backing boards - sitting so lovely in the press there..
drool. want. sigh.


Sonya said...

drool. want. sigh. ;D