Friday, 23 June 2017

Iskandar Jalil, Clat Travels. Box making and labels.

The box is made, recessed linings, full Buckram, 2 Tray Drop Back Box.

I suppose it is ordinary practice to title a box in order to know what is inside. I suppose. However, and this is perhaps were  I move from the ordinary practice and into my practice, that I title  perhaps in a different way. If this box were to be in a library of identical boxes then it would be an idea to title with the content. But, how to title. The point is simple, any collector of any art knows exactly were each and every piece is. They are able to glance at a box or crate, fraction of a frame or section of a plinth and know what they are looking at.

So, the title gives us an indication of what is inside, in this case what is on the box is not just an indication of what is inside it is what is inside.

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